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Proudly Serving the Following Manufacturers in Missouri, Kansas, and Western Illinois

Alpha Foods Co.

An industry leader in the field of manufacturing and distributing superior quality pizzas and pizza related products.

Bar Fresh

Producers of fresh blended frozen beverages.Offers a simple and profitable solution for healthy beverages with minimal labor and zero waste.

Cooper Street

Granola Cookie Bakes using high quality ingredients with no nuts, no dairy and nothing artificial. Made with a combination of delicate sweetness and crunch..

hadley farms
Hadley Farms Bakery

Hadley Farms bakes a full line of golden, layered Croissants and a wide selection of "just like homemade" Cinnamon rolls, Sweet rolls and Danish Pastries. Thaw and Serve.

jennie O Turkey
Jennie O Turkey

A complete line of CN labeled and commodity processed turkey items with many reduced calorie and reduced sodium options

Nicks Famous Bar-B-Q

Great tasting barbecue in Nashville for 30 years. With minimal ingredients, no fillers, our barbecue is high in protein, low in fat & will satisfy students.

Richland Hills Farms

Processor of high quality refrigerated individually wrapped sliced apples and destemmed grapes

The Amazing Chickpea

A Unique spread made from select chickpeas using specialty roasting process for a roasted, nutty taste without any nuts.

Bongards Premium Cheese

Producer of natural cheeses and high quality specialty processed cheese including slices, shreds, cupped sauces and curds

Daves Baking

Established in 1960. Offers quality, taste, unequaled nutritional contents, and a pledge to maintain product integrity.

high linerfoods
High Liner Foods

Harvests, processes, distributes and markets a variety of Child Nutrition labeled seafood products from the United States

JTM food group
JTM Food Group

Industry leader in the production of CN beef, pork, cheese & turkey entrees including soups and sauces all designed to be healthier, better tasting & nutritious


Missouri manufacturer of the highest quality dressings and sauces with famously unique taste and versatility

Tasty Brands

Great tasting child nutrition products featuring a wide array of menu options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Amazing Fruit

United States produced line of tasty and healthy flavor infused dried fruit products that are smart snack compliant.

Cherry Central

Manufacturer specializing in the growing, processing and marketing of fruit sauce and diced fruit cups

Gold Creek Foods

Manufacturer of wholesome, nutritious and tasty individually wrapped pancakes. Peanut Free Facility

high linerfoods
JA Food Service

Makers of pre-packaged and customizable breakfast lunch and snack options to fit all daily needs. Convenient and satisfying meals that meet USDA requirements

los cabos mexican food
Los Cabos

Producers of handmade frozen Mexican products including bulk and individually wrapped burritos, enchiladas and quesadillas for all meal segments.

red gold
Red Gold Tomato Products

Manufacturer of fine tomato products including ketchups, sauces, salsa and pastes that are nutritionally enhanced and designed to fit the school food service segment


Manufacturers of cutting-edge, authentic Asian cuisine with an emphasis on nutrition, quality and delicious kid tested products

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